feldenkrais_mosheThe Feldenkrais Method is a gentle, common sense, educational approach that can teach you how to improve your movement. In group or individual lessons with a practitioner, you’ll learn to develop easier, more efficient, more flexible movement, easing pain, improving posture and balance, even with infirmity, disability or illness.

Since most of us don’t think about how we move until we experience pain, limitation, or injury, we end up moving in habitual, automatic and inefficient ways for a long time before we do anything about it. Unfortunately these habitual movements are usually those we make repeatedly at our jobs, sports and hobbies that make everyday life less ideal.

Because the Feldenkrais Method enables people to become more aware of how they move themselves in their environment, you learn to move efficiently and easily, reducing stress on your body, so a problem or pain does not continue.

In an individual session with a client (Functional Integration), the practitioner works with you on a low table, chair, standing or walking, with slow gentle touch.  These movements send new information directly to the neuromuscular system helping develop more efficient movement with less effort.  One client describes the work as “I felt like my body was being cared for in a way I had never experienced before.”  People often feel lighter, movement feels easier, more coordinated.

How is Feldenkrais different than exercise?
While you may already be in good shape through regular exercise, with the Feldenkrais Method you will gain more control over your body. By consciously moving different muscle combinations, rather than targeting only a certain muscle group, you’ll learn to use muscles that have been “forgotten” because of tension or habitual holding.

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