I have always been interested in learning. Topics range from art, photography, geology, cooking, traveling, horseback riding and more. Encountering the Feldenkrais Method launched yet another passion of life-long learning – movement and our sense of self. I first learned of this method through volunteering with a therapeutic horseback riding center. For the past 20 years I’ve continued to deepen my knowledge and my desire to help people. I also work with horseback riders desiring to ride with a better connection with their horses.

Jane McClenneyI am no stranger to pain myself. In 2008 I broke my spine as a result of a horseback accident. Naturally I rehabilitated myself primarily from my knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method as well as with other modalities. I can personally attest that these very small movements can lead to very huge results.

As a practitioner, I do not attempt to fix my students. We learn and explore together what can change in the way they move, their image of themselves or the way they learn. These small movements create major transformations in people’s lives.

I teach weekly Awareness Through Movement® classes and maintain a private practice in Ellensburg. I work with anyone desiring to move more efficiently. I work with people with chronic pain to those with neurological injuries/disorders. I work with a diverse group: professors, students, ranchers, farmers, horseback riders, office workers and the elderly. And everyone I work with, in return, teaches me something.