Would you like to move more freely, feel less pain? Classes are for anyone wanting to move and feel better. Each class features a different Feldenkrais “lesson,” and involves making gentle movements, slowly with minimal effort, while paying attention to your own sensations and experience. Some lessons are as simple a getting out of a chair, balance issues, or gait. These lessons help increase strength, vitality, flexibility, and overall well-being. Sometimes a lesson is simple, sometimes profound, and known to produce a sense of joy. When you feel better, life is better.

Feldenkrais classes are easy and will help you improve the quality of your everyday life. Come join us!

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I will be offering classes via “Zoom.”
        CLASSES:  Series of 6 classes begin Wednesday, September 23 at 7:00 pm.   Series of 6 classes is $75, no drop-in available.  Please send a check to Move Lightly, 109 E. 3rd, Suite 1.  Then you MUST send me an email so you can be included in the Zoom invitation for the class.
First, you will need to download Zoom onto your computer. You will need a computer with camera, or audio.  You will need floor space, or a chair, some lessons will be standing.