Can you remember when movement felt free? When moving was fun and easy? When you moved for the sheer ‘joy’ of moving? Before your grew up. Before you started living in a world with computers, cars, offices, television and cell phones.

With the Feldenkrais Method® you will gain more control over how you moveAwareness Through Movement® lessons are taught with students lying on the floor, sitting in a chair or standing and walking. By consciously moving different muscle combinations, rather than targeting only a certain muscle group, you learn to use muscles that have been “forgotten” because or tension or habitual holding.  You will also redevelop your child-like curiosity and playful interest in moving more effortlessly in non-habitual ways, therefore learning to avoid harmful habitual habits that lead to problems, pain or limitations. Re-educate your body and mind. Learning to explore your own movement patterns can be fun and enjoyable. It’s never too late to start moving again.

How can you regain that joy of moving again, when you feel so far from it? Re-educate your body with Awareness Through Movement classes, workshops or private individual sessions. Individual sessions with a practitioner are with a light touch, changing your organization for more efficient, easy movement.

Feldenkrais and Craniosacral techniques together create a dynamic way of listening to the body at an even deeper level, listening to lines of tension between structures:  visceral, connective tissue, muscular, neurological. For example, a client may have a shoulder with decreased motion due to a line of tension into a lung or heart. Both techniques work well with physical therapy, occupational therapy, surgery, chiropractic and medical procedures.

Learn to move “mindfully.”